Defence Industry Security Program

Enhancing business security practices to enable you to work closely with the Australian Defence Force

What is DISP?

The Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) enables businesses to deal directly with the Australian Department of Defence whilst assuring the integrity of potentially sensitive Defence intellectual property. The program aligns business practices with a series of security standards, which are prerequisite for access to Defence contracts.

DISP memberships are awarded at differing levels based on the sensitivity of the Defence contract. Higher levels of DISP membership enable members to support more sensitive contracts. Higher DISP membership levels naturally come with increased compliance and risk management requirements.

DISP membership cannot be sustained through compliance activities alone; membership requires an enterprise approach to protecting intellectual property. Traditional security stovepipes must be integrated in a tailored response to your specific security threats.

DISP Membership Levels

DISP membership is broken into four sections: Security Governance, Personnel Security, Physical Security, and Information Security.

Each section is rated to one of four levels based on the sensitivity of the project. The four levels of membership are Entry Level, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. A typical membership may look like:

• Governance: Level 1

• Personnel: Level 1

• Physical: Entry Level

• Information: Entry Level

What Does DISP Membership Require?

DISP membership requires an enterprise approach to security planning. Enterprise security planning delivers the following:

• Analyses the flow of Defence intellectual property as it moves through your organisation

• Identifies what components of intellectual property require protection

• Models security threats across the physical, human and information domains

• Captures and prioritises security risk

• Integrates the security enterprise across physical, human and information domains

• Targets scarce security resources for best effect

• Responds in a deliberate and controlled manner to threats

How can Protegas help?

We offer a complete end to end DISP application and security uplift service. We understand that compliance and governance must not reduce business agility; nor should it build unwanted structural costs into business operations. Our services include scalable options to ensure compliance is sustainable without incurring the costs of added non-billing staff.

Ready to join? Want to know more?

If you fit the requirements to join the Defence Industry Security Program and want to get started, contact our Protegas team to begin the process today. If you have any questions, reach out or read through our DISP Services document.

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